33QrCode Changelog

All of the updates for 33QrCode will be listed here. 33QrCode versioning is based on the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH system.

Update 2.0.0 - 2 January, 2022

  • Implemented the new QR Code template to generate PayPal payment links.
  • Improved the UX of impersonating a user, as an admin.
  • Other small yet many improvements of the whole system.

Update 1.1.0 - 15 December, 2021

  • Implemented the ability to export the QR code to PNG, JPG & WEBP.
  • Implemented a built-in Contact form page.
  • Implemented the ability to skip a trial when paying for a plan.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the system.

Initial release - 10 December, 2021